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America and Carribbean


Cartagena’s vibrant Caribbean culture guarantees a good time. This UNESCO World Heritage Site charms visitors with its cobblestone streets and beautiful colonial architecture. Surrounded by Las Murrallas and dotted with churches, monasteries, plazas, palaces, and mansions, Cartagena’s charming old town is the highlight of a luxury trip to Colombia. Travelers can enjoy a private rum tasting with a sommelier who will explain the liquor’s ingredients, distillation process, and history. Learn about Cartagena’s extraordinary cultural heritage through the rich and exuberant cuisine at the city’s luxury restaurants or in a private cooking class with a personal chef.

Rosario Islands

Just off the coast of Cartagena in the clear Caribbean waters, the Rosario Islands boast relaxing beaches, an abundance of marine life, and extensive coral reefs. A nice adventure is to rent one of the beautiful mansions in one of the many islands that make up the Rosario Islands, with a private chef and a yacht with a sailor at your disposal to take you on a tour of the crystal clear and pure waters that characterize this wonderful and heavenly place.

San Andrés

If you are looking for sun, sea and great beaches, it is time to book a vacation in San Andrés. Located about 800 kilometers off the northeast coast of Colombia, San Andrés is a small, seahorse-shaped coral island that offers deserted white-sand beaches, fantastic weather, spectacular diving, and a lively Caribbean atmosphere year-round.