Croat-Argentine Alexis Pejacsevich is a former lawyer. He has family all over Europe. His creativity, interpersonal skills and vast experience in the travel industry enable him to cater to any need so that he can design for you, not just any trip, but a very personal way of getting to know Argentina.
Austrian-Swiss Nico Oliver Trzicky is an economist and former banker who lived in Switzerland, in the USA, in Uruguay and since 12 years in Argentina. He is a great enthusiast of Argentina as a beautiful country to be visited and conveys his enthusiasm to travellers through unforgettable trips, organised with Swiss precision.
French-Argentine Joyce de Vitton is a former banker. She has lived in Brazil, Argentina, France and traveled around many other countries. During her years in the service industry she has learnt from the very best what to expect from seasoned travellers and how to deliver the most rewarding travel experiences.
ALEJOY is a boutique travel consultant agency that designs tailor-made travel itineraries and experiences.
ALEJOY is operated by a team that is passionate for traveling and committed to providing you with an exceptional service.
Its team members have lived in different countries, travelled around the world and come from European families.
ALEJOY knows the very best Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have to offer. With the right contacts and our vast knowledge and experience in the region we create unique itineraries and activities so that you can enjoy a special way of discovering the wonders of the Southern Cone.
Having lived in and travelled to different parts of the world enables us to build great itineraries all over the world, especially in Europe, the rest of Latin America, USA, North and South Africa.
We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, German and French.
Travel with ALEJOY and have an unforgettable experience